"The facts of climate change cannot be left to speak for themselves. They must be actively communicated with the right words, in the right dosages, packaged with narrative storytelling that is based rigorously on reality, personalized with human faces, made vivid through visual imagery - and delivered by the right messengers. ...Social science methods have not been adequately applied to date - and that must change, given the stakes."

-Daniel Abbasi, Americans and Climate Change (2006)

How well are your campaigns working? Is your organization's mission accessible to your audience or does it bring up tired, ineffective imagery that encourages public indifference?

Environmental campaigns often have difficulty projecting their message beyond individuals and groups already committed or concerned. Unless you pay enough attention to how various audiences process environmental messages, you risk merely "preaching to the green choir." Moosewood Consulting can help your organization rework your message so that you can actively engage a wider segment of society.

We start the discussion by examining your current outreach, methods, materials, and mission statement. We then work together to formulate a plan of action, which can include presentations, current campaign critiques, designing new materials, and collaborative project development.